QSST Participants Make a Difference In Many Lives

“Thank you for an amazing experience. It has to be the most unusual trip I have ever been on in my life.”

I learned so much on the trip, enjoyed the work and others immensely. Just a great experience.”

I made friends whom I’d never have encountered in my everyday life and visited places not on any commercial tour.” 

“… there are things you do in life that leave a footprint in your heart forever and my trip to Bolivia is one of those.”

Teaching the boy who learned so quickly some guitar chords and singing with the students was the highlight of my trip.”

“Our ‘Treasures of the Andes’ experience was much more than we had anticipated and truly memorable in all the right ways.” 

If we truly give of ourselves, we always receive more than we can give.

                                                                                                                Padre Lino Ramírez

Some unsolicited comments from previous QSST members who helped at the Student Residence in Sorata, a WALJOK-BQEF project that gives access to secondary schools and educational support for students from remote farming communities. (See waljok/org and bqef.org

“... this experience has allowed me to bear witness to a way of life, a people, a whole world, that I didn´t even know existed. There is no doubt in my mind, that I am coming home from this experience a changed and humbled person.”

 Volunteers give of themselves in sharing activities with students and also may offer medical clinics in villages with little access to doctors.

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